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Bear with Me


She could only see the forest. He couldn’t see the forest through the trees.


Gracie is just a small-town girl living a big life. After getting her heart broken by the only man she has ever loved, Gracie focuses on her career and is now a Game Warden for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Protecting the natural habitat and all the wildlife that lives within is her number one priority. Around her hometown of Bruin Pines, Gracie has a law and order all her own.

Following a disastrous breakup with a woman who, unbeknownst to him, is engaged to his boss, Andrew is sent packing back to his hometown of Bruin Pines. Seeing his one true love for the first time after shattering her heart is almost as bad as his breakup. After picking up the reins to his father’s struggling construction company, Andrew thinks he’s found the answer when he accepts a local job from a big-name developer. Except he’ll have to destroy a good chunk of Gracie’s wilderness.

Can they work together to find a solution that makes them both happy? Or will they just face another heartbreak when their second chance becomes the second round in a bigger fight?

Enjoy a recipe inspired by Bear With Me!

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